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During 24-26 November 2023, Hillerström herself got the opportunity to show her art in Brussels, Belgium after a personal invitation from gallerist Mickaella Himmelström, The Swedish Art Gallery in Malmö.

In 2024, the trip also goes to New York, Monaco and Paris.

"I am so incredibly happy to have this opportunity and for the wonderful reception I have received. The message I want to convey through my art can now continue." /Elaine

One of Sweden's and internationally most established art critics Stig Åke Stålnacke, a member of AICA/International Art Critique Association, has assessed Hillerström's art and given his opinion.

Read his very nice review HERE!

24-26 November Brussels, Belgium

Upcoming Strong men 2024

Now the Strong Women exhibition has ended and work has begun on the upcoming Strong Men exhibition. The new exhibition will be somewhat different than for Strong Women. Theme and power animal are the same. Even men are involved in things that often no one talks about. There is a kind of shame in admitting as a man that you have experienced something that can perhaps be interpreted as weakness - often in the treatment of other men. The demands or standards placed on both women and men are sometimes completely unreasonable. We are all human, need to see each other as such and that we all live together on this planet. Without one or the other, nothing can exist. We need each other, in a good way, where love and care reign in harmony. The men who are in this sequel to Strong Women want to change our way of thinking, talk openly about what they have been through and break the often unreasonable norms that prevail and start talking more openly about those questions and issues. Once and for all! More information about the exhibition will come in the spring of 2024.

Warm welcome to the exibition

The Elements by Elaine Hillerström

On December 2, the doors were opened with an opening vernissage with Elaine Hillerström in her own studio in Västerås. In consideration of visiting guests and the works, not all images are posted.

You are warmly welcome to contemplate this special exhibition until the end of January 2024.

The elements

This new exhibition we meet the primal power and elements of nature with all its splendor through Elaine's special way of painting. Once again, food for thought is created that is guaranteed to grab hold of the viewer where you get to be part of a very special external and internal journey.

Read more about opening hours and how to get here HERE.

Christmas table for those in need..

On Friday the 22nd (session 1) and Saturday the 23rd (session 2) December 2023, there will be another Christmas dinner for the less fortunate. You who need it the most have the opportunity here to partake of a simpler Christmas table free of charge, while those who can contribute any amount.

Do you know someone who needs help, who has no family or who would otherwise really need a community in a neutral way where we cozy up together, eat well, listen to music and have a good time together?

The only thing we ask is that you or you register on +46730880608 or via contact@hillerstroms.com - this to be able to plan the amount of food. Current afternoon times will be released shortly.

Click HERE for message.

In this way, Hillerströms wants to contribute to a better area and society and provide opportunities for community for those who have nothing or are worse off than others.

Warm welcome!